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machines for production of a grid of a rabitsa

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Machine for making rabitz    In a today's hard time of crisis and mass dismissals many start to reflect on the organization of the small business. And there is a question, in what business to be engaged. It is possible to organize small business in the field of trade, but in this sphere of business very rigid competition and supermarkets come to change to trading tents. One of options of small business - the production. The small business in the field of production sounds well, but is frightening. After all to start production business the equipment is necessary, and any equipment costs considerable money. Besides under the equipment floor spaces are necessary. These problems cooled not one head thinking about the beginning of the small business. But the solution of these problems is also we to you it we offer.


Machines for production of a grid of a rabitsa this ideal equipment for small business. To start this business it is not required big capital investments. The equipment allows to make a high-quality grid a rabitsa on the minimum floor space.

Grid of a rabiyets will be always in demand. The grid is bought by all, beginning from people who got a ground and plan to be under construction and, finishing the grandmother which pensioner it is necessary to block a kitchen garden that neighbour's hens didn't climb.

You will tell that the grid of a rabiyets is available almost in each shop of construction materials and will be absolutely right. And so, having the machine for production of a grid of a rabitsa, you can quietly compete in price category to any shop. Your main income will be made not by a trading margin, and the added cost on made production.

Pay attention, in shop the grid in rolls on ten meters is on sale, and there nobody will measure five meters or thirteen meters. But that is necessary for people not ten or forty meters, and eleven or forty five meters of a grid, they don't want to pay for superfluous meters. Only you can execute the order for production of a grid of a rabitsa of any length.

Machine for making rabitzNow we will look at the range offered in shops and on bases from the point of view of height. You will see that it is limited to grid height of one and a half meter, at the best it is possible to meet height of one meter and twenty centimeters. Using our machine, you can make a grid of any height.

Having long-term experiment on manufacturing of wattled grids, we developed, introduced in production and brought to perfection the unique machine for production of a grid of a rabitsa the equipment for small business on which it is possible to begin the business.

The machine is unique that in management of process the electronic control system is applied. Such technical solution isn't present in one other machine of such class (machines machine guns aren't considered since it is other class of machines). It:
- allows to recustomize as fast as possible the machine, to make a grid of any height with a step in a round half (all machines make a grid with a step one round),
- relieves the operator of the machine of need constantly to "catch" length of a spiral. All spirals leave identical are long that excludes inevitable mistakes of the operator and guarantees high quality of a cloth of a grid.

Existence of the counter cloths of the made grid are long relieves of need constantly to recalculate quantity of the reeled-up spirals. All this essentially increases labor productivity.

The design of the machine allows to react operatively to changing rigidity of a wire, it gives the chance to let out quality production even from a wire of low quality.

As a result of long operational development and completions we received the high-quality equipment to start the small business.

The reference to video downloading on operation of the machine is on page:Information